Robert H

Order no: #100001478

They have excellent quality products, and customer service to match!! I've been a satisfied customer for years.


Siegfried B

Order no: #100001466

1. quality in reality is as good as the images show 2. quick delivery


Greg S

Order no: #100001470

Excellent quality,wide variety of awesome pieces


Joseph J

Order no: #100001455

Being able to see the actual piece before the purchase is a main reason I would order from Northwest. I don't like buying things unseen, and with figured lumber that is especially true.


Ronald P

Order no: #100001440

very helpful


Paul D

Order no: #100001446

I get exactly the product I expect every time. The wood arrives in a timely fashion and is well packaged.


Brenda B

Order no: #100001441

Love the service and the timber came in excellent condition. Next time I will need to have it resawn. Forgot to do that this time.


Michael W

Order no: #100001437

I like the selection of beautiful wood choices.


Tyrone G

Order no: #100001436

The lumber was in GREAT condition. But i don't know if i can continue to due business at the shipping cost that i have to pay. I know it's not there fault but i still might not be able to justify some of the stuff that i want due to the cost. Also i have Hearne Hardwoods about and hour and a half away. OOO did i say that the lumber was GREAT!! Duke Graham


Pierre A

Order no: #100001438

I liked the professional handling of my purchase balanced with a good website. The website provides quality information without hype. Please resist the hype!


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175 reviews

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Northwest Timber

3229 Jefferson-Scio Drive
United States of America

Commercial Registry : Lumber
Director : Sara Judy

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Sara Judy
Hotline: 800-238-8036


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Online Shop: Northwest Timber

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Northwest Timber

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