Every reTrusted Plan includes

  • integration to your shop via JavaScript or API (selected shop systems)
  • unlimited reviews stored per customer
  • unlimited support by helpdesk, email or chat
  • Full refund of current month, no questions asked, if you're ever unhappy.
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    Every reTrusted Basic Plan includes:

    Rating & Review Request Emails

    We ensure only real reviews and ratings are received by integrating with your shop and sending a merchant rating and product review request via email after the purchase on your website.

    Website Widgets

    Widgets are placed in your online shop to tell customers that you are using reTrusted to listen to their feedback. it allows them to access your public profile page and view all your merchant ratings and overall score.

    Public Profile Page

    The reTrusted public profile page shows all your ratings and reviews in an SEO-optimized page. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can use this to integrate ratings in search results.

    Mobile Ready

    You can access reTrusted backend via mobile browser to manage your account. Customers can access a mobile optimized rating form to rate your business and website and review your products. This ensures maximum conversion.

    Upgrade to reTrusted Pro Plan to access these advanced features:

    Social Proofing & Sharing

    reTrusted uses Facebook and Twitter in multiple ways. All positive ratings can be shared in your social pages. Reviewers can choose to share their reviews with friends. We also integrate the profile page in a Facebook tab.


    Reward reviewers for writing a review with a coupon. Provide them with an even better coupon if they share their reviews. You can even embedd public coupons that they can share with their friends.

    Merchant Comments

    Show your prospective customers that you take your customer's ratings seriously by commenting ratings publicly. Thank positive ratings and reply to negative ratings by describing the actions you took to overcome any issues.

    Ebay Ratings Integration

    Are you selling on Ebay? Then you know how powerful your seller rating is. We can integrate your Ebay ratings in our system to give your website more creditbility. Use your hard earned Ebay Rating to promote your shop.


    Our mediation process helps you deal directly & quickly with unsatisfied customers. Mediation starts automatically upon a negative review while the rating is withheld. Once the issue is solved you can ask the customer to revise his rating.

    Extended Reviews & Ratings

    An extended questionnaire will help you gain additional insights from customers such as: perceived delivery time, customer service quality, suggested website improvements. This will help you stay on top of your competition.

    Premium Widgets

    Using data from the extended questionnaire we also feature premium widgets that show your average delivery time as seen by your customers as well as the quality of your service. Placed on your checkout page this can considerably increase conversions.

    Import of Previous Orders & Ratings

    If you have ratings & reviews on your website or if you are using another ratings system, we can help you import these ratings to reTrusted. This way you can move on with a better rating system while taking you reputation along with you.

    Feature Overview:


    • Rating & Review Generation
    • Rating & Rewiew Request emails
    • SEO optimized Public Profile Page
    • Shop API Integration for Request Automation
    • JavaScript Integration (when no API available)
    • Integrate Ebay Merchant Ratings
    • Importing Existing Ratings
    • Available Languages
    • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
    • Website Integration
    • Merchant Rating Widget
    • Product Review Widgets
    • Trust Seals
    • Extended & Premium Widgets
    • Social Proofing
    • Automated Publishing to Social Sites of best Ratings
    • Reviewers can share their Ratings with their friends
    • Reviewers can share public Coupons with their friends
    • Facebook Tab integration of reTrusted Public Profile
    • Engagement with Reviewers
    • Merchant can comment Ratings
    • Mediation Process in case a Rating is negative
    • Marketing and Revenue
    • Coupons
    • SEO optimized Profile Page
    • Rich Snippets
    • Optimized for Google, Yahoo & Bing
    • Technical Support & Account Management
    • 24-hour HelpDesk Support
    • Priority Support
    • Dedicated Account Management
    • Customization
    • Rating & Rewiew Request Customization
    • Widget Customization
    • E-mail Blacklist


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